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Tee It Up for the Troops works to help veterans and their families heal, transition, grow, and thrive! We focus our support on six critical areas of need: PTSD & TBI treatment, suicide prevention, employment, housing, sports rehabilitation, and family support.

Since 2012, REUNION has reunited nearly 400 combat veterans to help them heal from the hidden wounds of war such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, and isolation. This program helps combat veterans and their caregivers transition to fulfilling civilian lives.

"Tee It Up for the Troops saved my life. I was going through a tough time in life; dealing with my team leaders death had me thinking about committing suicide. But going to the Tee It Up REUNION Event saved my life." -REUNION attendee

How Spare Change Donations Work:

Just sign up once and start making purchases. For example, on a purchase of $12.13, the remaining 87 cents would be donated. It’s the safest way to give and tracks your impact as you go.

  • Receive monthly statements to keep track of your contributions

  • Set a monthly limit on your donations, if you'd like.

  • Pause donations at any time.

  • To only sign up for round up donations and not make a donation at this time, enter "$0" in the amount field.

Are my donations secure and how is data handled?

The security of your information is of highest concern. The system uses bank-grade security to handle all sensitive financial data. Online banking credentials are never stored on the system. All data is secured with SSL encryption and multi-factor authentication and personal identifiers ensure unwanted access is prevented. Your personal data will never be exchanged, licensed or sold and all transactions are anonymized to ensure privacy.

Why am I being asked to log into my bank account?

Logging into your bank gives the system the ability to track your purchases and round up to the nearest dollar. Without this information, there is no way to calculate your digital spare change. As a reminder, your bank login credentials are never stored by our system. Logging in simply allows the system to connect with the purchasing account of your choice.

Are there any fees associated with my donation?

Stripe, a Level 1 PCI-compliant payments gateway handles all the financial transactions. Stripe’s fees are 2.2% + 30 cents for credit card donations and 0.8% for ACH donations. This fee is taken out of the donations delivered.

When is my account charged?

Roundups are tallied until they reach $5. Once $5 is reached, the donation is triggered. This way, your bank statement doesn’t become overwhelmed with micro-charges.

Will I receive a tax deductible receipt for my contribution?

You will receive automatic monthly statements of your contributions to the email address connected to your account. At the end of the year, you may print a year-end receipt of your annual donations by logging in and visiting your Settings. Please consult your authorized legal counsel as to the deductibility of your contributions as the rules vary state by state.

What if I would like to pause or set a limit on my contributions?

You can pause donations at any time by logging into your account and visiting your Donation Settings. You can also set a monthly limit. Roundup donations will halt once your your contributions reach your monthly cap.