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Your charitable contribution will help us to continue empowering our student leaders to create success in every domain of their life.

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Your donations will help to fund training materials, provide meals and snacks for training weekends, cover facility costs for conference room space required to host the training, provide supplies to ensure each teen has everything they need on their journey, and ensure that every student leaders experience is one that they will never forget.

In this new era of remote learning, your gift will also help with administrative tools and online platforms to facilitate learning online during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, your gift will support us in expanding our reach internationally through our online platform well after the COVID-19 pandemic.

We recruit a team of phenomenal volunteers and our student leader graduates come back to be in service to their peers. There is no greater cause than the empowerment of our student leaders.

As a community-based partner, we are committed to partnering with schools and families to ensure our student leaders have the social and emotional capacity to handle the challenges of tomorrow.