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Join us in helping provide education, community organizing, direct services, & advocacy to improve the lives of refugee & immigrant survivors of violence.

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At Tapestri our goal is to provide individualized case management support to help survivors of Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence & Unaccompanied Minors move from crisis to stability and beyond. Your donation go towards: Crisis counseling, Care Packages, Access to technology & internet, Temporary Protective Orders, Child support & custody battles, Immigration proceedings, Housing assistance, Physical & mental health care, Legal aid, English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) training, and much more!
Pictured above are Tapestri clients receiving Care Packages in their "Transitional Housing" Apartments where we provide rental aid to ensure that survivors and their children are removed from vulnerable situations and placed in a safe secure environment where they can focus on healing and reclaiming ownership over their lives!

If one of our Programs is particularly close to your heart you can support it directly using the campaigns below!

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